Nippon Ichi started it’s own Valentine’s Day special sale where you can get four selected games from the Japan PSN with special prices until February 19, 2017.
You can get the following games:

  1. Ooedo Blacksmith (Vita) – 2500 Yen (with tax) (Original Price: 3600 Yen with tax)
  2. Criminal Girls 2 (Vita) – 3600 Yen (with tax) (Original Price: 5143 Yen with tax)
  3. Criminal Girls INVITATION (Vita) – 2500 Yen (with tax) (Original Price: 3600 Yen with tax)
  4. Antiphona no Seikahime: Tenshi no Gakufu Op.A (Vita / PSP) – 1500 Yen (with tax (Original Price: 2263 Yen with tax)