Nintendo a couple of a minutes ago uploaded the first promotion video of the Nintendo NX machine which is the next home gaming console of the company.
The console going to be called Switch and it will be a 2 in 1 console. A home console like any other and a portable machine too!

As you will see from the video using the controller you can change the shape than the main machine’s display equipped part can be mounted in to the controller and you can move out to play with your games (continue where you left at home or in your garden).
According to the video the console going to running the games from game cards and not discs and even in portable mode you can put down the display (which is the main machine) and remove the controller and play with it like a mini home console (just see the airplane part of the video).

According to the video again, when you play in normal home console mode with big TV on your sofa you can control it with another controller like with the Wii and the Wii U.
It will supports the split screen local multiplayer mode (yes, retro gaming!) but you can play against each other for example in a 2 vs 2 mode from 2 machines (2 players / machine) but of course it will supports the online multiplayer mode too.

And at the end: release in 2017 March!
So according to it the Switch will be a tablet / portable / home hybrid console which at the moment looks so nice.

EDIT: Official Press Picture released and added to the gallery about the console