Eurogamer the UK’s leader video game news portal and magazine posted an interesting picture of the next generation Nintendo console which is currently called “NX”. According to the pictures and what Eurogamer posted, the new Nintendo NX going to be a hybrid gaming machine / tablet device and you can de-attach and attach the buttons from the side of the console using it as a portable or as a stationary device.

The console based on the image looks like the Wii U Game Pad when the buttons are attached. From the game card side, the new NX going to use a new media cartridge with a bigger storage capacity than the Wii U disc / Nintendo 3DS / DSi cards and the console is not backward compatible with the other, currently available Nintendo systems.

According to Eurogamer the console going to use the NVIDIA Tegra and not an AMD chipset like the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4. The Tegra used already in several high-end “gamer” Android tablets. You will be able to connect the console to your TV so you can use it as a Home Console not just a portable device. The console planned to release in 2017 March but it will be announced in the future by Nintendo maybe on the Tokyo Game Show or later.

Please note that nothing verified by Nintendo from the above information. Use it as just “rumor”.