After the Pokemon GO here is the next smartphone Pokemon game which can be a huge hit again. It will be called “Pokeland” and it will be available from 2017 on iOS and Android but the exactly release date is unknown.

Nintendo already created the official Twitter account for the game where they announced the first ALPHA test which will be held from June 9, 2017 for the Android users in Japan. Nintendo is looking for 10 000 testers for the Alpha test where you can try 6 different island with 52 different stages with 134 pokemons already!

The new Pokeland will be different than the Pokemon GO. As you can see from the pictures you can have battles against other pokemons while you are traveling on the island. Also if you check the pictures again you will see that you can use the Pokeball so it maybe will be a mixed first person view pokemon adventure and battle game!

You can sign up for the Alpha Test from the official website of the game. Until more information, please stay tuned.