NHN Hangame released today (November 10) in Japan the new smartphone action RPG game the Bravery Chronicle on iOS and Android.
The new title available as free to play game from the Google Play and the AppStore in Japanese.

This title is a 4 players party supported RPG game with real time battle system. During the battles you can move your characters individually and you can use defense, simple action and skills in the battles.

Each stage comes with different gimmicks and at end a boss battle going to waits for you. The game has character level up system so in the menu you can develop each of them in your party if you have enough XP.

If you finish the tutorial of the game until November 30 (10:00) you will get extra gatcha tickets and 400 diamonds. Accroding to NHN Hangame the game is an easy one so it is a perfect title if you are looking for an RPG game what you can clear without any stress.