Square Enix announced the next update package for the LORD of VERMILION Re:3 arcade game in Japan. The new update the SAVIOUR OF THE 13 SWORDS will be available from 2016 Autumn but the exactly release date at the moment is unknown.

According to Square Enix the package going to includes 40 new cards and there will be lots of changes in the game’s system such asin the current balance system. A new category also announced the “Tsukai Magic”. Square Enix also going to release soon a new official LoV RE:3 LINE Sticker set and a special collaboration with the Granblue Fantasy also on the way.

Based on what Square Enix published the new update package going to has several collaboration like with the Final Fantasy IV, Valkyrie Profile Lenneth, Star Ocean the Last Hope and with the first Final Fantasy. More information coming soon! Stay tuned!