SEGA started the operation of the new version CHUNITHM AIR PLUS arcade music game in Japan. The new version has faster loading time, it comes with new features and with new songs from J-POP, TV animes and more. For example:

  • Moonlight Densetsu – DALI
  • ReZero – Redo (鈴木このみ)
  • DJ YOSHITAKA – Evans
  • Finite – Sta
  • れるりりfeat.ろん – RevolutionGame
  • 片霧烈火 – 最愛テトラグラマトン
  • ひーちゃんとあーちゃんとたーちゃん – 札付きのワル ~マイケルのうた~
  • Morrigan feat.Lily – We Gonna Party -Feline Groove Mix-

And even more.

A new campaign also started to celebrate the release of the new version. If you meet with the certain conditions you can unlock the Chain Chronicle and the Is the Order a Rabbit?? name plates.

In the mode selection now you can choose from the “course mode” and the “in-store matching appeal” modes where you can play against other players from the store and the course mode where you can play with 3 pre-determined songs.

Visit your local arcade store and try the new CHUNITHM!