On March 30, 2017 going to release on Nintendo 3DS the next Attack on Titan game in Japan the Shingeki no Kyojin Shichi Kara no Dasshutsu. This title this time will be a visual novel style escape adventure game where you have to escape with a troop from a fortress which is full with titans not just inside but outside of it too.

Koei Tecmo Games today released some pictures with the main characters from their own story chapters and a few words about the “battle system” if we can call it as battle system. Well it will be a relative easy one. On the screen you will see which buttons must be pushed to avoid attacks from titans and for the counter attack. It will be like a rhythm game but you can see this feature in several other RPG games.

Once the battle is over you will see the result like the missed, great and good attack. Check out the pictures in the gallery and stay tuned for more information.