On June 29, 2017 going to re-release one of the classic ATLUS Nintendo DS RPG game the Radiant Historia as Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology on Nintendo 3DS. The basic game will be the same as the original one but we will get new characters, A-1 quality opening movie, two game modes and more!

So the new game going to release again on June 29, 2017. The first big change will be the opening movie which comes from the A-1 Pictures (they well known about the Sword Art Online). From the music side all the Nintendo DS version songs will be included but the new 3DS version comes with 5 new songs includes the opening. In the music team we can find names like Yoko Shimomura and Haruka Shimotsuki.

The story starts in a middle of a war with the same main character who gains special power to redo the history and avoid the tragedies. Of course the story comes with several changes and side parts.
Not just the main character coming back from the original DS game but several support ones but don’t think we don’t get new ones.

On the new character list we can find a mysterious one the mage girl Nemesia (appears at the beginning of the game), but the well known ones are coming back like Eruca, Aht, Raynie, Marco, Roch, Gafka. Each character will be fully voiced and you can find the official cast list on the official website.

So as we wrote the basic story will be the same as in the normal DS edition. The hero character has to face with several “future ways” thanks to his power and the White Chronicle. Your own decision going to affect the story but of course the goal is to clear all the chapters and parts.

According to ATLUS one of new element will be that you can move more freely between the chapters and futures and the pasts but the details will be published later in a new info package.

The game comes with Field Action which means you can cut trees, destory rocks and you can even attack military characters on the road while you are traveling. But the battle system will be different once a serious battle started. The system is a familiar, command and turn based one where you have to destroy with your team the enemy one. Depends on the positions you can or can’t reach some enemies so you have to defeat first the front line ones or you have to use some extra items.

In the game we can meet again with the guide characters Teo & Lippti and we can see again the some DS version in-game illustrations next to the new ones.

When the game starts you can choose from two different gameplay modes and you can even choose between Friendly (Easy), Normal and Hard play modes. Hardcore RPG fans can choose the harder and the new adventure mode while the beginners can go with the easy one.

The new Radiant Historia Perfect Chronology release in Limited Edition version for 9800 Yen + tax. This version comes with the package edition of the game, Complete Soundtrac CD (includes the tracks from the Nintendo DS edition), 100 pages long ArtBook, and an extra DLC package. Check out the pictures in the gallery and stay tuned for more information!