Square Enix released some new pictures and screenshots from the upcoming Dragon Quest game for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo 3DS the Dragon Quest XI. The release date is unknown (it will be announced in April) but as you can see from the pictures the game comes with various of rich fields.

In this game you can travel between different lands just like in the other Dragon Quest games but according to Square Enix this game will be the biggest field system in the series. You can collect more and more information in the game listening the NPC’s stories.

Like in the DQMJ 3 Professional in the new Dragon Quest XI you can ride your own horse to travel faster and you can even attack from it. It is not clear that you can ride other monsters but in the horse you can be sure.

Based on the pictures we will get several CG events where the team sitting next to a camp fire and they talking about something or just listening a relaxing music.
The new Dragon Quest XI comes with different dungeons not just land fields and according to Squrae Enix the dungeons are full with monsters, with may more than the fields.

Square Enix going to held on April 11, 2017 the live Dragon Quest XI event (what you can watch online) and we will get more information from it even the release date. Until that, stay tuned and check out the gallery for the pictures (Big Pictures = PS4 version, Small Pictures = 3DS version)