Spike Chunsoft and Sony announced the release together of the New Danganronpa V3 edition PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita consoles in Japan.
Each of them will be available from January 12, 2017 just like the game but only from the official Sony stores in the country.

The PS4 console will be available in 500GB and 1TB edition which comes with the same designed “New Danganronpa V3” top cover and a limited, PS4 theme which will be available only with these consoles.
The 500GB version will be available for 33 480 Yen + tax, while the 1TB edition will be available for 38 480 Yen + tax. The package does not includes the game!

If you choose the PS Vita you can choose from the Black or the White version with the same design. Each of them is the latest, Slim edition Vita consoles with original PS Vita theme.
The Vita version New Danganronpa V3 console release on January 12, 2017 in Japan for 20 980 Yen + tax! Pictures can be found in the gallery.