Capcom updated the official website of the upcoming Monster Hunter Stories game which going to release in 2016 Autumn in Japan on Nintendo 3DS. With update they published the new characters (playable, guild, NPC) and some city information also. Here you can find the details.

Riveruto is an excellent hunter and his partner is Popura. He always says, the hunters can thanks their existence because of the monsters. When you meet with him during your adventure he will tells to you his past story. About the beginning, the first hunting the happiness and the disasters. He always going for hunting alone with Popura so asking him for a team hunting is a hard think.

When you are in the middle of the story you will reach a sea side town where many hunters and non-hunters living together. This is a very lively city and it has its own hunter support Hunter Guild. The master of the guild is Mahho, he is an old man but knows all the hunters from the city specially Riveruto.

In the guild you can meet with the Guild Sisters. They are like idols and they are twin sisters: Limon, Mell, Mafi. They also running their own shops with good products.

You will meet in here nearly the only friend of Riveruto, Simone. She knows everything about the monsters and if you visit her you can ask everything about the local ones and the area. She knows will Riveruto since they are friends from their childhood.

The last person is Gentorasu. The captain of the Guild and he is always angry. He doesn’t like the outside hunters and respect only hunters who can working alone.
Check out the pictures in the gallery and stay tuned for more information.