Capcom announced the release of the new Monster Hunter Stories puzzle smartphone game which going to release around with the TV anime in Japan on iOS and Android as a free to play title.

According to Capcom the game going to be based on the Monster Hunter Stories RIDE ON Anime with all the main characters.
The pre-registration started today where you can grab different gift items depends on the registered users number. If the pre-registered users reached the 100 000 you will get the Flame Rathalos as your extra monster!

From the system side the game will be very easy to play. If you every played before any puzzle style game (Puzzle & Dragons, Tsum Tsum, etc) you will find out how to play with the game in seconds. Just destroy the similar blocks and you can attack and after some rounds you can use your team’s special skills.

It should be noted that the game going to supports the online multiplayer mode and the online ranking which means you can play with 4 other players and you can register your records online!
Visit the official website, register now and lets wait until the release of the game.