Capcom published the new pictures and the details of the upcoming Monster Hunter Stories Nintendo 3DS game in Japan. In the new pictures you can see some monsters and the riding techniques details.

This game will be available from October 8, 2016 in Japan as the first RPG game of the Monster Hunter series. In the game we will have two different kinds of monsters, the normal what you only can defeat and the Otomon which can be your partner. These monsters can be with you from their born or you can get them from other ways. You can ride each of them (the partner ones) during the battles and you can use them like a support character.

During the ride you will have several actions like the “Insect Detection”. With this feature using your monster’s skill you can detect the insects on the field around you. You will see the insect sign on the lower screen on the map.

The next one is the underground movement. You can move into the ground and you can move out faster at the other side of the hole. This movement available only at the ground holes!

The last ones are the “jump” and the “flight”. Jump when you are jumping extreme high with your monster like from cliff to cliff but if you have a flying type monster you can ride it and fly with it between the fields. Using the fly you can travel without bumping into a monster.