On October 8, 2016 going to release in Japan the first ever RPG styled Monster Hunter game the Monster Hunter Stories on Nintendo 3DS. Capcom today updated the official website of the game and published some new information includes the characters, monsters and some fields.

From the character side a new girl character published. She is riding Barioth and she was born in a different village than the hero character. She just started her own adventure with Barioth with Ayuria. The hero character meets with the girl and Barioth on the snowfields for the first time.

Capcom from the fields part published some pictures of this mentioned Snow Fields. It is not so hard to find out what the land looks like: Icy, Snowy and cold, very cold. Here you can find an ancient village and the locals going to shows to you a special Hot Spring.

In this field you will find the Etto cave. Inside the cave you have to face extreme cold so you have to prepare with the most important items and equipment to survive at least the cold weather.

There will be another special village called: Hakumu Village. In this village riders, adventurers and wild monsters can live together and the village covered with rich nature with good climate. The hero character lives currently here.

The Forest Hide is another field in the game. It is much better than the snow fields. Good green forest, good weather but with more monsters so children from Hakumu Village can’t enter into this forest.

Capcom also published some monster and characters pictures on the official website and you can see them in our gallery. Stay tuned for more information!