From today you can start to download the next big Monster Hunter Frontier package which going to turns the title of the game to Monster Hunter Frontier Z. (PS3, PS4, PC, Xbox 360, Wii U and Vita).
The service going to starts on all platforms on November 9, 2016 except on PlayStation 4. As we wrote before the PS4 version release only on November 22, 2016 but you can also download from today the official package install.

It should be noted that if you download the package until October 18, 2016 and if you are in the first 100 000 users you will get the official BETA tester weapon package what you can move to the official, final version of the game.

The package of the new MHF-Z can be found in here:!/ja-jp/cid=PN.CH.JPPN.CH.MIXED.JP-CATEGORY00000504