Capcom held the Monster Hunter Frontier G festival on August 28, 2016 in Japan. The biggest announcement of the event was the new title the Monster Hunter Frontier Z! Yes, the series going to moves from “G” to “Z”. The title change update going to release on each platform on November 9, 2016 while the official PlayStation 4 edition service with all the new features going to release on November 22, 2016.

According to Capcom the new large update going to gives different experience for those who played with the game in the past nine years and for those who just started it. The major pillars of the MHF-Z the large events from the original G like the “Diva”.
Each weapons going to be redesigned with new skills and new skins and the skin change is true for each armors also.

A new monster species also announced called “Tado” which includes 5 different large and powerful monsters. Using the materials of Tado you can create brand new weapons, armors and you can use new items also.

Capcom in the future going to release more information about the large “Z” update so stay tuned. The PlayStation 4 edition teaser website already opened so visit it!