Capcom release on March 18, 2017 in Japan the next Monster Hunter game the Monster Hunter Double Cross on Nintendo 3DS.
The company today announced the release of the official New Nintendo 3DS LL hard cover which going to has Monster Hunter icons on it.

It will be compatible only with the New 3DS LL systems and the price will be 1580 Yen + tax and you can order it only from the e-Capcom website. As you can see from the pictures the case doesn’t covers the connection port, the SD card, the cameras and the stylus hole so you can use the console without any problem with the case (except if you charge the console with the stand)

Capcom on the same day going to release the official travel case of the game with the same design as the hard cover. It will be compatible not just with the New 3DS LL systems but with the normal 3DS consoles too. You can carry with it your console and 4 games and a charger. The price will be 2000 Yen + tax.