System Soft Alpha released today the official Theme Song video of the upcoming Moe Moe 2-ji Taisen Ryoku 3. Too bad, the song is only the short version and you have to wait until the release of the game for the full version!

The new Moe Moe 2-ji Taisen Ryoku 3 will be available on December 8, 2016 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita BUT a PC version also released which will be available from 2016 November in Japan.

The song called “UNLIMITED MIND” and recorded together with the SOUND HOLIC and Sakuragawa Megu.
System Soft also updated the official website of the game and published a new character pictures, 4 Japanese and 1 UK steel. In the previous game, 31 character appeared and looks like this game going to has the same number or even more!