As we already wrote before, Capcom working on a unique Nintendo 3DS game which going to works with the popular IC cards from Japan. Well the release date or the price of the game still unknown but Capcom today published some pictures and details of the game.

The game is called Megami Meguri, it will works with 10 different types of IC cards and it will be available from 2016 Winter in Japan.
It should be noted that this game will be playable with an early demo version on the Tokyo Game Show at the Capcom stage even on the public days on September 17 & 18.
Now check out the details.

The game’s main character is a girl called Tsukumo (CV: Ayasa Ito) who was lodged in the player’s IC card. The goal is to help her to be a full-fledged goddess. The player can increase the power of her using the IC card and communicate with her like in a dating sim game for example in the Love Plus series.
Tsukumo going to has a little friend character, Amaterasu (CV: Yuka Ozaki) who supports her and she leads her next to the player.

In the game Tsukumo going to ask several questions from the player and you have to answer them using the keyboard of the 3DS at the bottom screen and your touch pen. She will remember your answer sooner or later but this going to helps her to reach her goal. Capcom working in collaboration with the Japan giant Toshiba and created just for this game the Megami Speak Engine. Thanks for this the characters Tsukumo can speak in full voice without any problems and can learn the new words from the player and she can repeat them back in full conversations!

Tsukumo will be adorable and she has different face experiences. During the chat she going to makes different faces depends on the conversations. Happy, Sad, Cheerful, Excited.
But according to Capcom in the game several other goddess going to appears next to her who leads Japan. The exactly number is 7, they are the Pillar of the Goddess and the goal to Tsukumo be the 8th one.

At the moment these are the known information of the game. Check out the pictures in the gallery and stay tuned for more information!