Capcom announced the release for a new, large update of the Megami Meguri Nintendo 3DS game in Japan. The update will be available from the Japan Nintendo eShop.

With the new update you will get three new sisters and new system features. Now you can meet with anytime as you wish with the other in-game characters and the AR feature will be smoother than in the original edition.

With the new sister characters you will get new scenarios with each of them. On the list you can find the childish Oki, the elegant Ichimoku and the wild Taki.
Now not just with the new but the already included other characters you can try another new feature the “Memories of the trip of traveling”.

When you are traveling with the goddess you can create even more fun pictures and you can get into more funny situations. Of course using the AR camera feature you can do pictures with the real world at the background.

Capcom later going to announce the release date of the update and there is no information if it will be available for free or not. Until that, check out the pictures in the gallery and stay tuned for more information.