On February 8, 2017 going to release in Japan the official, Megami Meguri Character Song CD. The CD going to includes 5 tracks with all the main characters and going to costs 1200 Yen + tax.

The first press release edition also going to includes a special DL code which going to special items to your game, 3000 “offers” (currency in the game for the gods). The cover of the album will be published later but here is the official tracklist:

  1. ここからのスタート 歌:ツクモ(CV:伊藤彩沙)
  2. I’m サンシャインガール 歌:アマテラスオオミカミ(CV:尾崎由香)
  3. ここからのスタート-instrumental-
  4. I’m サンシャインガール-instrumental-
  5. ボイストラック -アマテラスオオミカミ-