One week left and the new Megami Meguri release in Japan on Nintendo 3DS.
This title will be the first ever IC card support Nintendo game and you can get the basic game in digital version for free. Of course if you choose the free edition you have to pay for several contents but with the package / paid editions you don’t have to face with these additional costs.

In the game with the main character you can go to a big journey in Japan. Don’t worry you can do it from home. As you travel as much as you can you will find more and more dishes in the country and you can serve it to Tsukumo.

In the clothes change part you can change the clothes of the main character what you earnt in the Kamikoromo game. You can also buy new clothes and unlock them more during the travels and the paid editions already includes several gift clothes. Next to it you can even change the color of the hair from the original brown.

Using the Offertory (in-game currency) and Jewel (surcharge items) you can go to the Altar to wish extra items. If you are lucky you can unlock extra rare clothes and items for the game.

In the new Megami Meguri you will have called “missions” what the other goddess going to gives to you. Try to finish them not just for the extra gifts but to develop Tsukumo. With the missions, Tsukumo going to learn new words so you can have later more rich communications.