Square Enix released today the new quiz RPG game in Japan the MagiMemo RPG. The new title available on iOS and Android as a free to play title.

In this game you have to defeat the enemy by answering for the questions and of course if you choose the wrong answer you will suffer some damages but if you choose the right answer you can hit enemy.

You can play alone but if you want you can play in real time online with up to 4 players to challenge the others (who can clear the stage / finish the enemy faster).
It should be noted that the game has more than 10 000 questions from 80 different subjects and Square Enix going to adds more questions in the future.

To celebrate the release a login campaign started where you can win extra gatcha tickets to roll out rare characters / items for your team. A special limited, MANA login bonus also going to starts tomorrow on November 19, 2016. The game at the moment available only in Japanese, international release not announced.