MagiMemo RPG is an upcoming Smartphone quiz RPG game from Square Enix. The game will be available only in Japanese on iOS and Android from 2017 Autumn / Winter as a free to play title in Japan.

Square Enix today released a new promotion video about the game where you can watch some gameplay scenes. How the game works, what can you do, system etc.
The game’s system will be relative easy: you have limited time to answer the questions and if you are right you can continue / defeat the enemy, if not, you will lose life points.

According to Square Enix the game going to includes 10 000 different questions from 80 different topics. History, Basic Science, Math, Biology etc. Later with several updates, the game going to receive even more questions but we sure, you will not face with the same question on one day.

Above you can watch the new promotion video and by the way if you visit the official website you can already pre-register. Depends on the registered users number you will receive extra orbs what you can spend on to roll out rare characters. More information coming soon! Stay tuned!