Bandai Namco released today the next Macross game in Japan the Macross Delta Scramble on PlayStation Vita. The game costs 6100 Yen + tax (package version), 5490 Yen + tax (download version). You can also buy the limited edition version for 9000 Yen + tax (package version) and 8100 Yen + tax (download version which includes only the digital limited edition gifts).

The new Macross Delta Scramble based on the 2016 March started Macross Delta TV Animation but includes elements from the Macross 7 and the Macross F such as with extra characters and stages.

With the release of the game the Ver.1.01 C update file also released for free in the PSN. You have to download it anyway to fix some minor bugs but with it you will get 100 000 extra credits (in-game currency) what you can spend on anything what you want in the game.