Square Enix released some news about the 2nd Tokyo RPG Factory game the “LOST SPHEAR” which will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Switch.

The game’s story going to focus on a boy called Kanata who can use the power of the “Memory”. The “Memory” is the key of this world and the game because everything is created by the memory in this game.

As people live, they become memories of the stars and this world is shaped by people through the memory. Once the memory is lost, its existence also disappears. That person is called “Lost”. Those that have lost, they can not be restored with the power of a person.

However a boy, who uses the power of the memory, appears in the world and he is called Kanata. He is the new hope of the world or he’s going to destory it? Nobody knows it.

According to the official website the Moon is an important existence of this game and if you watch again the debut trailer you can see it in there too and even in the main visual.

The battle system going to be ported from the Chrono Trigger which is called ATB but it will be the 2.0 version one. You can move the characters on the battlefields and based on the power gauge you can do different actions. You will have range effect skills, only character effect skills, support ones etc. just like in any other RPG games.

The Battle Movement is a new element of the system but Square Enix going to release more details about it later in this Summer. But you can do an extra action after the attack so it will be very helpful. Like a “2nd, limited turn”.

Until more information check out the pictures in the gallery and stay tuned for more information!