Square Enix released some new pictures and information about the upcoming LORD of VERMILION IV arcade game which will be available from 2017 Summer in Japan.
The new title comes with new elements and new card parameter so lets see them closer.

The Awakening is when your hero character’s hidden power becomes available for a short time. This is a well known element from the previous work but in the new one you can use the Armament and the Crystal Ability. With the new Armament you can use extra demonic power while the Crystal Ability is what it is called. Use different demon abilities based on some crystals.

The next new element is the Ultimate Raid which is the replacement of the Ultimate Spell from the previous work. For only once in a game match you can gain a huge amount of extra power for a short time to your character to save the situation and destory the enemy. The support card can be used in the new game from the previous work.

When you open the LoV IV you will see a new parameter on each cards in the game. This parameter is the “PSY” which is the mental power of the character. The PSY value is very importent. The higher value going to affect the character’s Mana absorption speed, Tower control pressure, Stone destruction power and the Facility defense capability. But you have to pay attention. High PSY usually going to means low attack and defense value!

Check out the new pictures int he gallery and stay tuned for more information. If you can, visit the JAEPO and try the current demo version!