LINE today started the official service of the LINE Mobile but until October 1, 2016 only 20 000 people can subscribe the service. The real service starts only in October when everyone can choose the LINE Mobile without any limitations.

As we already wrote before, LINE in 2016 March announced that they will start in 2016 Q3/Q4 their own mobile service in Japan as a new MVNE carrier (LINE Mobile going to use the NTT DoCoMo’s network).

Subscribers already can choose from different plans. The basic plan starts from 500 Yen which includes 1GB mobile internet BUT you can use for FREE the LINE messenger even with the calling feature with the video chat! Later you can use for free the Facebook and the Twitter too. This basic 500 yen package includes only the 1GB Data.
You can choose SMS package for 620 Yen and voice call package for 1200 Yen (20 yen / 30 seconds rate).

If you want full packages you can choose from Data + SMS package and Data + Voice call packages from 1110 Yen (Data + SMS) and 1690 Yen (Data + Voice). Each of them includes 3GB data package and the largest packages includes 10GB data!

If you are interested in more details visit the official website of the LINE Mobile. The service available only in Japan. For roaming details please contact with LINE Mobile or with the Japanese NTT DoCoMo