Jecom Online in Japan announced today the release of the glossy color L2/R2 button covers for the PCH-1000 edition PlayStation Vita consoles. You can pre-order them from today on the official website and Jecom going to release them on September 5, 2016. It should be noted that only the pre-ordered version will be shipped out since the covers will be available in limited quantity.

You can choose from Gold, Blue and Silver colors and one set going to costs 4298 Yen (with tax) which includes a free shipping in Japan.

Next to the cover, Jecom also release a non-limited edition case for the PCH-1000 and PCH-2000 PS Vita consoles which fits when you use the button covers (the covers already released for the 2000 slim series in the past). This case will be available for 1500 Yen (with tax) which also includes the free shipping in Japan and you can choose from black and blue colors. The case by the way also fits if you don’t use the button covers.