Capcom working on a new baseball arcade game in Japan but this version will be a huge one, realistic game and you can test it from October 7, 2016 in Chiba at the Chiharadai Arcade Shop.

As you will see from the pictures the game will be realistic because a high-end, aiming machine going to shoot the ball what you have to hit back. According to Capcom the power, the aiming everything going to change always just like in the real life.

The test going to runs from October 7, 2016 but the ending day is not announced.
The test going to costs 1000 Yen (with tax) and 2500 Yen (with tax) for 1 and 3 matches and you can play in practice mode for 500 Yen (with tax) which includes 25 balls!

The game is a must try one for the baseball fans! If you can be there try the game!