SEGA updated the popular arcade card battle game the Code of Joker S with the Ver.2.0EX2 update. The new update available in most of the machines in this week but in the bigger arcade shops you can already play with it from today.

The new update going to adds brand new, 30 cards and you can enjoy new features.
Every new card has new “Joker Ability” and a “Card Wanted” bulletin board also added where you can exchange cards with others.

New rank also added the “Emerald Rank” which is a top platinum rank. Try to enter into it and grab the medal which going to appears on your profile page!
SEGA finally also built in the deck registration and search function which means you can register now your different decks and you can choose from them and you can search in your cards using the new built-in keyboard of the game.

Check out the official introduce video above and enjoy the game with the new features and cards!