Do you remember from 2015 the big smartphone RPG hype the Laplace Link? After the 2015 December held Open Beta Test the company went into a big silent since Tomohiro Ueda the producer of the game said they couldn’t reach the quality what they want with the game and they have to redesign everything (despite the game even in the Beta version received good reviews from the players).

Well looks like gloops is at the end of the development because they announced the new Open Beta Test of the game. The new test will be held at the end of January / in the first week of February and you can move the save data file into the final version when it’s release.

You will be able to test first the game with the browser version (Mobage) and with the Android version but an Apple version also comes but a little bit later. It should be noted that for the data migration a Mobage ID will be required!

According to Gloops the final version will be available with extra more servers in the background from 2017 March. More information about the OBT coming soon!