Netmarble Games working on a new smartphone RPG game called Knights Chronicle which will be available from 2016 Autumn in Japan on iOS and Android.
The release date of the game is not fixed but you can sign-up from today for the Android version Closed Beta Test!

Netmarble Games looking for 5000 testers and you can sign-up until October 2, 2016! The test going to starts on October 3, 2016 and it will runs until October 16, 2016 (20:00 local Japan time).

It should be noted that the CBT will be available only for the Android version, Netmarble not planning to run an iOS version CBT but of course the final version will be available for the Apple device owners too.

Knights Chronicle is by the way a 3D turn based RPG game where you have to control 5 characters in the same time. The graphics is beautiful for a smartphone game and each skills, characters going to have rich animations and effects.
Netmarble also released the new promotion video of the game which includes special animation scenes too. Beyond you can watch it and in the gallery some screenshots. Stay tuned for more information and register for the CBT!