The VR getting more and more popular not just for the PC and the PlayStation users but also for the mobile gamers. Buying a VR device for your Android phone even more cheap than a HTC Vive or a PlayStation VR will be.

KLab this week released three new VR titles which working most of the Android compatible VR glasses and you can download each of them for FREE!

The first one is the Headshot VR which is a football game. As you can read from the title you have to shot goals with your head. You only need to move your heads in the right time. Because of this, please pay attention where do you play with this game! (The best is at home maybe in your garden).

The next title is the ROADKILLZ.
In this title in a classic pixel style using your device you have to hit and run zombies in a car.
You can play the game in 2 device and in 4 device mode too!

  • 2-device mode (view, and steering/gas/brake) or 4-device mode (view, steering, gas, and brake)
  • 4-device mode, you control by stepping on the gas or brake with your foot (gently, please)!

The 3rd title is the RoarZ VR.
This is a shooter game where during the night you have to shoot down the zombies and monsters. Be aware of your surroundings all the time because they are coming after you from everywhere! To play this game, you need to prepare 2 android (or iPhone) smartphones, one used to display the game progress and the other to register the movement and shot of your handgun.

Each title currently available only for the Android users but according to KLab each of them will be available in the middle of October for the iOS users. Enjoy the new VR games!