Nintendo announced the release date of the upcoming, download only Nintendo 3DS Kirby game the Kirby’s Blowout Blast. The game will be available from July 4, 2017 in Japan and July 6, 2017 in North America. The price will be 810 Yen (with tax) in Japan and about 7.90 USD in North America.

This game was announced first on the Nintendo Direct 2017.4.13 as an upcoming Kirby Summer game. In the game you can move freely towards and back on the 3D stages and Kirby has to destroy the enemies with a “Starry Gun”.

Just in Japan, in the Lawson stores you can buy the official download card of the game. Using this card you can download the game from the eShop without any additional cost (you pay the 810 yen in the store) and you also get a special Nintendo 3DS theme which will be available only with this card.

It should be noted that Nintendo going to release on July 3, 2017 a special, 25th Anniversary designed prepaid card with 1500 Yen worth. The card will be available in all the big stores in Japan.