Kamitsuri RPG is an upcoming Square Enix smartphone RPG game which scheduled to release in the 2016 Summer season as a free to play title on iOS and Android.
Square Enix today released two new promotion video from the game one which is introducing the main characters with their CVs and a half minutes long short play video which is introducing how the Fever Mode works. On the official Twitter account of the game, Square Enix announced that on the CV list you can find Maaya Uchida and Saori Onishi.

The pre-registration of the game by the way already started and if you register (and the registered users number reached the highest goal) you can get 2000 gift in-game gems what you can spend to roll out rare characters. Check out above the voice video and here you can find the short play video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQL-3Sncz7Q