Appirits announced the release of the 2nd Soundtrack Album from the Kakuriyo no Mon game. The album will be available from May 3, 2017 in digital version from the iTunes. You can buy the full album for 1350 Yen (with tax) with all the 13 songs or you can buy the tracks one by one for 200 Yen (with tax) / song price. Here is the tracklist and in the gallery you can find the official cover.

01 地底からの呼び声
02 朧の城に待つ者は
03 赤光は過去を照らす
04 穂と刃の決別
05 四国の風光
06 自らの願いへと
07 光差す現世
08 現世の裏に
09 黄泉比良坂
10 学園彩 皆で楽しむ祭囃子
11 学園彩 今夜はハロウィン!
12 学園彩 輝きのクリスマス
13 花帳陽月