JOYCITY from South Korea released its new action RPG game for the smartphone users the Eldrian Legacy in 135 countries. The game available in the USA, Europe, Canda, Asia, Japan and Austrial as a free to play title for the iOS and the Android users.

The players can orginaze different parties and they can put 5 characters into their teams. You can register different team but you can play with only one during the game. Each character has different compatibility attributes: earth / water / fire / wind / light / darkness but with different characters you can create special combo skills.

The biggest feature of this work is the “Hero” and the “Fellow” system. The HERO character can use in one time different active and passive skills and you can level up a hero character until 6 stars like in other SP games.
From the FELLOW characters you can use 45 different ones and you can control the fellow ones with your party. They have less skills, they are not as strong as the HERO ones but perfect to send them into the front line while you attack with your hero from the back lines.

The new Eldrian Legacy has 100 different stages and you can enjoy several gameplay modes includes the Hall of Fame, the PvP, Immortal Temple, Tower of the Souls. The game has an easy touch operation and players from different regions can play together. Check out the promotion video above and try it!