AREA 34 announced the release of a new PC and PlayStation 4 startegy game the Tiny Metal. Well they just WANT to release the game but they need the gamers help with a Kickstarter Project which is already running from today.
In this title you have to defeat the enemy team using tiny machines like apache helicopters, tanks and other military vehicles.

As we are writing this article the project got about the 50% of the required money which is 50 000 USD and you still have 5 days to support the team.
And if we are talking about the team there is a very serious member in AREA 34: Hiroki Kikuta. If you don’t know him, well he was the designer of several success titles like the Secret of Mana and the Shining Hearts!

It should be noted that you can try an early demo of the game what you can download for free from the Kickstarter page. Check out above the official promotion video and if you like it, support it!