If you are a Pokémon GO player you know it but even if you know you maybe already heart from the news that Pokémon GO sometimes leads to serious things. Finding death body, entering into the White House garden just because of a Pokémon, robbed players etc.

The game is the currently No.1 smartphone game in the world and already available in 30 countries except in the home land in Japan. The game going to release in the near future but in different ways, gamers in Japan also can play with it already.

That’s why NISC (National center of Incident readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity) the Cyber Security Center of Japan published a PDF guide for the current and the future players. In the PDF in Japanese with pictures you can read a guide how to play, try to not go out alone and beware of the strange people.

Please pay attention for the others on the street and make sure you tell your friends / family that you went out for a Pokémon hunt and where.