SEGA announced the next StarHorse arcade game in Japan the StarHorse3 SeasonVI FULL THROTTLE during the JAEPO 2017.
The game’s release date is unknown but it will be based on the StarHorse3 SeasonVI with new CUP called “I-PREMIER CUP”. In this mode you can register your team, horse, rider and in the next week based on your rank you can be a champion and you can win several in-game cash and more (you have to pay fee to enter into the CUP).

New area will be available a winter stage called “WBC ICE” and a new content the BET GAME where you can win extra cash based on your BETs. You will be able to link the game with the currently available “StarHorsePocket” just like with the original StarHorse3. Check out the first pictures in the gallery and stay tuned for more information.