Chorus Worldwide released today the iOS version of The Room Two escape game in Asia includes Japan. Yes, the game available a long time ago in North America and Europe not just on iOS but on Android too and on Steam but the Japanese supported version just released only now.

The Android version will be available later in this Autumn but the release date is unknown.
The iOS version of the at the moment available for 360 Yen (with tax) but you can start to play with it for free. The free version includes the full Chapter 1 but if you want to continue to play with the game you have to pay for it.

The original The Room game released in Asia in 2015 June on iOS and Android. The escape game gamers loved it not just because of the story but because of the unique 3D graphics (an escape game on smartphones usually comes with 2D style). The new The Room Two was playable during the Tokyo Game Show 2016 and the demo version received very good feedback from the players.