Capcom released today the iOS version of the Ace Attorney 4 in Japan. The basic game which costs 120 Yen includes the half of the first episode and you have to buy the left ones.
The second half of the first episode costs 360 Yen and you can buy the Episode 2 – 4 for 720 Yen / episode price. If you want to be everything in ONE package you can get it for 2200 Yen! (all the prices with tax).

This title is the official port version of the 2007 released Nintendo DS Ace Attorney 4 with upgraded graphics, some new features (such as footprint gypsum pouring) and of course you can control everything with the touchscreen. With the release of the game, Capcom published the latest promotion video what you can watch above.

The Android version will be available in the near future and going to costs 2320 Yen (with tax). There is no information if you can buy the episodes one by one for Android like on iOS.