Appirits announced the first offocial open beta test of the upcoming browser based RTS game the Ikusamichi -Crossroad-. The OBT will be held from July 26 (13:00) until July 29 (19:00) 2016 in Japan and everyone can enter into the game during this period if you have official Appirits Games Project account (you can register it for free).

The official Pre-registration for the game also started and according to the Appirits after the Open Beta Test the official service starts in a couple of a days. If you pre-register you will get extra gold (in-game currency) what you can spend on extra features.

Ikusamichi -Crossroad- is a browser based game it will has large battle features. In one battle more 200 player can play together in one time, in real time! The hole stage going to be based on Japan. You can choose from two different worlds in the game and next to the RTS elements you have to focus your own route like in the Civilization series. If you are interested in the game play with it in the OBT and pre-register now!