Pikii released today the official Japanese version of the Ikachan adventure game on Nintendo 3DS game. This title available from 2013 in North America and Europe but the official Japanese version just released today. It is a download only title what you can find in the Nintendo eShop and the price is 300 Yen (with tax).

And what is Ikachan?
Near the bottom of an enormous abyss, there’s only one way out. Swim in a dark world under attack by frequent earthquakes and famine. This vast undersea kingdom is filled with both dangerous and hamless denizens. Its fearful inhabitants are led by a reluctant fish who has no answer to the impending disasters.

Take to the sea and help your new friends flee their home and find a new one. Their fate rests with you, Ikachan. You must help them find a way out before it’s too late. Use whatever tools you can and try to escape. Swim, Ikachan, swim!