Less than a month left and Bandai Namco release the long awaited, next Idolmaster game the Idolm@ster Platinum Stars on PlayStation 4 only (in Japan). Bandai Namco today published some new pictures and videos about the game what you can check in here.

First off all lets see the Limited Edition special costume. This green / white / gold version costume will be available only with the Limited Edition Idolm@ster Platinum Stars and it is unknown if later the normal version owners can buy it or not.

In the new Idolm@ster Platinum Stars you can attach several items and accessories to the girls. Some items going to gives special “skills” for example: Appeal +10 points, extra Charge Level, +5% Fan, Duo Burst III (audition will be more energetic in team performance).

There will be another interesting feature in the game called “Memories Drive”. When the certain conditions have met the special memories going to appears during your play time from the past.

Skills Burst is when you reach 100% at a point of the game and you can activate your special burst skill. Depends on the character or the team you can activate different burst skills and each of them going to gives to you extra points at the end.

The behind team will be a very important part in the Idolm@ster Platinum Stars. Kotori Otonashi going to works with your to help and there will be another junior clerk but this person at the moment is hidden.

Using the PS4 SHARE button you can capture pictures during the playtime and you can share them on the SNS and the PSN.

Bandai Namco on July 28, 2016 going to release the first DLC package next to the game. The DLC going to includes a new song the “Miracle Night” with the special Miracle Night costume set and items like necklace, arm ornament, head ornament, full costume, ear ring and two additional songs the “I Want” and the “目が逢う瞬間”.

Later Bandai Namco going to adds a special feature for the game: receive extra mails from the characters on your OWN smartphone! You will receive messages and you can even reply to them. Check out the pictures and stay tuned for more information!