Bandai Namco released today the 4th DLC of the Idolmaster Platinum Stars the Catalog No.4 in Japan. The new items and tracks available one by one from the Japan PSN for the girls and the game.

You can buy the new L O B M track for 1200 Yen (with tax), the Rank C Ultimate Summer costume for 1500 Yen (with tax) but you can buy both of them in one set with EXTRA summer accessories (sun glasses, rings, flowers etc) for 3980 Yen (with tax).

Two other tracks also released with the DLC the “フタリの記憶” for 1200 Yen (with tax) and the “Here we go!!” for 1200 Yen (with tax) too. You can see pictures of the DLC in the gallery and the video above.