Bandai Namco release the official 1.10 update for the Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Viewing Revolution PlayStation VR game in Japan.

The new update going to brings the feature to change the viewpoint during the LIVE shows. You can set maximum 6 view points but you can change between these 6 anytime.

You can also change the settings and the setup of the light goods. You can change the order, the colors and the movements, fit for the music.

The game also going to gets the profile feature which means you can check all the 15 idols’ profiles in the game.

With the update release, Bandai Namco also announced the Season Pass for the game. You can buy Music Season Pass and Produce Season Pass. If you buy them you will get all the future extra music and or items. Bandai Namco going to release several new songs and items until April 2017 and you will get them for free.

Don’t forget that on November 16, 2016 going to release the Anzu Futaba DLC with the official goods and lights!