D3 Publisher updated the official website of the Idol Death Game TV PS Vita game which going to release on October 20, 2016 in Japan. The game going to focus on a crazy “TV game” where the center subject is: the selected idol will die or not. The game will be a mixed ADV / Adventure game and looks like not a music rhythm game and each character of the game going to be based on original idol groups from Japan. Project 47, Team Happy and Team Smile.

On the official website you can read the personal details of the first published characters but lets see closer some gameplay details (and pictures). As we wrote in the Idol Death Game TV the main subject is that idols survival.

The idols and the show broadcasted in live in a closed TV channel where the selected people can watch this deadly game. The idols lives in a western-style giant house where they have to clear different missions. Of course if they can’t clear it they have to face with the death and if they are unlucky, well they are going to die.

Of course D3 Publisher going to record several different tracks for the game from the original idol bands and as you will see there will be some similar points with the popular Danganronpa game. Check out the pictures at the end of the article and stay tuned for more information.